Omatha Automotive Products Plant is equipped with high-tech machinery to produce a variety of auto and motorcycle components namely; Auto Exhaust System, Exhaust Pipes, Mufflers and Tail Nuzzle, Auto Road Wheel Cover, Motorcycle Plastic Components, Auto O-Ring, Oil Seal, Foot Mat, Electro Plating of ABS Plastic and Metal. Our exhaust plant came on stream for production of all categories of auto exhaust system and components. This remarkable achievement further demonstrates that Omatha Holdings Auto Manufacturing Division has top notch technology and capacity to explore new market demands. It does as well, establish its commitment to continuously improve and grow, as a goal.

With production facilities and technique of international standards, products from Omatha Holdings Manufacturing Division are sold throughout the Nigerian market and Sub-Saharan African auto component sectors, with its established brands, namely; “OCE”, “OAP” and “OMATHA” respectively.

The establishment of our Auto Road Wheel Cover and Motorcycle Plastic components factory was successfully achieved due to our many years of importation of these products from Japan and Taiwan.

Therefore, we continually concentrated our effort on how to obtain technological advancement, to improve and better the existing standards. The breakthrough came when we installed the plants for Anodizing and Electro plating of metal and ABS plastic material. It is our believe that our long term consistency in quality is the primary measure of value of money.

We at Omatha Holdings are highly committed to this objective. All incoming raw materials and outgoing products are thoroughly tested through our sophisticated Lab facilities without leaving anything to chance. We also believe that the sale of a well finished quality products is not only for pecuniary reasons but a beginning of a commitment which will endure for many years.